For over 35 years, WESTMAN STEEL has answered the call of customer demands by pursuing technological and innovative designs for our steel products. Always setting superior goals, we achieve higher standards for both employees and the products we manufacture and distribute. We diligently work with our suppliers to maintain quality control and achieve the ultimate product diversity within the three core industry segments: Agriculture, Commercial and Residential. As WESTMAN STEEL leads the way for steel manufacturing, we are setting and securing our place in history by setting new standards and manufacturing and distributing products that create STATEMENTS IN STEEL for all Agricultural, Commercial and Residential applications.

WGI WESTMAN GROUP is a dynamic entrepreneurial group of companies comprised of ARMTEC, ARTSPAN Inc., BEHLEN Industries LP, CANADA CULVERT, CONVEY-ALL INDUSTRIES INC, MERIDIAN MANUFACTURING GROUP,  U-BUILD STEEL BUILDINGS and WESTMAN STEEL INDUSTRIES. The WESTMAN GROUP operates manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities in 67 centers across Canada and the US. The Group also maintains dealer networks across North America and has a worldwide customer base.

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Delivering on Product Diversity

WESTMAN STEEL is committed to delivering product diversity within the Agricultural, Commercial and Residential markets. We’re becoming the single source supplier for all building related materials within Agricultural and Commercial structures in Western Canada, and with the increased demand for steel related products in the residential market, we’re quickly taking the lead there too.

Devoted to Sales Professionalism

Years of dedicated service has taught WESTMAN STEEL that Sales Professionalism is as important as the product itself. It’s not just the knowledgeable sales support that WESTMAN STEEL delivers, it’s the commitment to ensuring that WESTMAN products are quality-based and guaranteed.


Westman Steel - Partners - Armtec


ARMTEC is one of Canada’s oldest and largest infrastructure companies supplying a full range of drainage solutions including corrugated steel and HDPE products, engineered steel, geosynthetics and much more. Our proven products, dedicated people and engineered solutions support construction and infrastructure projects in communities across Canada and select markets around the globe.

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Westman Steel - Partners - ARTSPAN Inc.


ARTSPAN Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of a proprietary and innovative structural insulated metal panel. Our panels provide structural building envelope solutions for a wide range of buildings including commercial/industrial shops, Teleshops, Northern and Aboriginal housing, cabins, portable offices/camp units and more.

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Westman Steel - Partners - BEHLEN Industries LP

BEHLEN Industries LP

BEHLEN Industries LP was established in 1969 in Brandon, Manitoba. BEHLEN specializes in steel building systems and is currently Canada's largest manufacturer of these systems. BEHLEN provides its building solutions to North America's leading organizations and customers worldwide.

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Westman Steel - Partners - Convey-All Industries Inc.

Convey-All Industries Inc.

CONVEY-ALL INDUSTRIES INC. is one of North America's leading custom manufacturers of conveyor systems. Based in Winkler, Manitoba, the company exports their products to locations across North America and several countries including Mexico, Russia, Kazahkstan, Poland, Germany, Turkey, South Africa and Australia.

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Westman Steel - Partners - Meridian Manufacturing Inc.

Meridian Manufacturing Inc.

MERIDIAN MANUFACTURING INC. specializes in storage needs for the agricultural, commercial, petroleum and the oil and gas industries. These versatile products include smooth wall hopper bins, seed tenders, double-wall fuel tanks, specialty oil tanks and numerous custom designed tanks and silos.

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Westman Steel - Partners - U-Build Steel buildings

U-Build Steel buildings

U-BUILD STEEL BUILDINGS puts the strength of one of North America’s largest steel building manufacturers directly into your hands. Our steel building systems are economic, environmentally-friendly, and easy to customize to fit your exact needs. With more than 45 years of experience, countless buildings across North America, and a growing portfolio of overseas projects, U-BUILD STEEL BUILDINGS are world-renowned for their quality and reliability.

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Westman Steel - Partners - Westman Steel Industries

Westman Steel Industries

WESTMAN STEEL INDUSTRIES is one of Canada’s largest manu­facturers of premium steel products. Throughout our 35+ years in business, we have consistently pursued innovative, technologically advanced steel solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ needs.

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