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As our industry evolves, things change. That's why we're committed to keeping our information up-to-date. At the end of the day, our goal is to empower our clients with the knowledge they need to succeed in an ever-changing industry.

Commercial Closures
26 gauge Commercial Flashing
Commercial Componets Roll Formed Profiles
Commercial Fasteners
Commercial Terms
Commercial Accessories

Flashing Guide

IMP Product Guide
IMP Colour Chart
Leading Edge Data Sheet
Skyline Data Sheet

Fireguard Internal Partition Wall System
Fireguard Wall System

Cladding Technical Information
Roof Technical Information
Cladding Technical Information
Roof Technical Information
1/2" Corrugated Cladding Profile
1/2" Corrugated Roof Profile
7/8" Corrugated Cladding Profile
7/8" Corrugated Roof Profile
936 Cladding Profile
936 Roof Profile
AWR Cladding Profile
AWR Roof Profile
Deck Mate Cladding Profile
Deck Mate Cladding Roof
Delta Span Cladding Profile
Diamond Rib Cladding Profile
Diamond Rib Roof Profile
Elite Rib Cladding Profile
Elite Rib Roof Profile
Pinnacle Rib Cladding Profile
Pinnacle Rib Roof Profile
SSR24 Roof Profile
Tough Rib Cladding Profile
Tough Rib Roof Profile
Ulta Span Cladding Profile
Ulta Span Roof Profile
WS200 Cladding Profile
WS300 Cladding Profile
Load Tables with Max Lengths
Panel Weight Max Length Table

Westman Steel Colour Chart
Limited 20 Year Warranty
Limited 40 Year Warranty
CSSBI Care and maintenance Facts Sheet
CSSBI Quality and Performance Specification
AMD 0319 Perspectra Cleaning Guidelines
AMD 0319 Perspectra Data Sheet

CSSBI Standard for Residential Steel Roofing
CSSBI Standard for Steel Farm Roofing & Siding
CSSBI Standard for Steel Building Systems
CSSBI Standard for Residential Steel Cladding
CSSBI Standard for Sheet Steel Cladding for ICI
CSSBI 20M-2017-Standard for sheet steel
CSSBI S8-2018-Quality and Performance Specification
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