Cannonball TracRite Doors


Including several light duty uses, Trac-Rite Model 944 doors are ideally suited for residential self-storage. Backyard sheds, shelters, equipment storage, interior dividers and counter shutters are also popular applications along with dozens of others.

Durable, strong, attractive and requiring very little maintenance, the Model 944 features a full 3-year materials warranty, a 30 Year Paint Warranty and is also rust resistant. With smooth, quiet operation it is easy to install, takes up very little back room space and can fit almost any door size from 3' wide x 3' high to 11' wide x 10' 4'' high in 1'' increments.

Strong. Smooth. Quiet. Versatile. The 944 Door earns the highest scores in every area.

In Stock Colour - Iced White


  1. Jamb Brush Seal
  2. Header Draft Stop
  3. SpaceGuard Cylinder Lock
  4. Hood (available in Iced White only)
  5. Insulation
  6. Tensioner
  7. Operators
  8. Direct-Drive Chain Hoist
  9. Medium-Duty Motor Operator
  10. Space-Saving Motor Operator
  11. Shaft Extension


Door Width PSF Rating Door Width PSF Rating
5' 0" 56.0 8' 8" 20.5
6' 0" 42.0 9' 0" 19.5
7' 0" 30.0 10' 0" 15.0
8' 0" 24.0 11' 0" 10.0


Strong, durable materials Low maintenance
Smooth, quiet operation Minimal back room requirements
Easy installation Rust resistant
Custom sizes 30/25 year paint and 3 year material warranties
Multiple applications


Design Type

Live axle: door axle rotates in bracket bearing during operations.


Stamped, continuously welded at the hub. 9 5/8" diameter spiral x 1 1/4" wide. 18-gauge, zinc-coated steel. Two drums with doors up to 5' wide, three drums with doors over 5' wide.

Prevents panels from bowing.


Helical torsion. One spring for doors 5' wide and smaller; two springs for doors wider than 5'.


1 5/16" outside diameter, high-yeild structural steel tubing.


Roll-formed sections, factory-seamed from 26-gauge, Grade 80 galvanized steels. Siliconized polyester finish in eleven standard colours. Full-length 2" felt tape located at each drum.

Bottom Assembly

Zinc-coated steel bottom angle mounted to corrosion-resistant aluminum extrusion with stainless steel bolts. TPE blade astragal also included.


12-gauge, cold-formed, zinc-coated steel. Grease-packed ball bearings are factory installed in the bracket.


8-gauge, zinc-coated, 1 1/2" deep. Featuring polypropylene guide runners to assure smooth operation and prevent steel-on-steel contact.

Exterior SpaceGuard Latch

Cast zinc alloy with black nickel finish. Latch slide has magnetic properties for use with security system switches. Designed to accommodate two padlocks up to 7/16" shank. Accommodates Trac-Rite's optional SpaceGuard cylinder lock, which features an easy over-lock system. The cylinder lock does not penetrate the door.

Mounting Fasteners

Steel or wood fasteners included. For masonry openings mounting clips and anchoring system are sold separately.

Door Stop

12-gauge, zinc-coated stops mount to brackets for increased strength and ease of installation.

Exterior Handle

Powder coated, zinc-plated outside handle.

Pull Rope Handle

Molded plastic rope handle with long-lasting rope.

A = Width ______'______" B = Height ______'______" The 944 Door is available in custom sizes from 3' W x 3' H to 11' W x 10' 4" in 1" increments.
For Example: If your framed opening is 7' 6" wide and 8' 0" high, you would order a 7' 6" x 8' 0" (width first, height second) door.
Brackets Minimum Mounting Surface Areas Your Measurement
C = Width 4" ______'______"
D = Height 7 1/2" ______'______"
E = Width 2" (4" masonry jambs) ______'______"

Measure the mounting surface areas.

Note: All mounting surfaces must be flush.
Minimum Clearance Your Measurement
F = Back Room 18" ______'______"
G = Head Room 15" (16" for doors 7' 1" and higher) ______'______"
H = Side Room 4" (9" for a chain hoist) ______'______"

Measure the door clearance

Note: Insulated doors require an additional 1" of back room and head room
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