Leland Industries Inc. Powder Coating Performance Limited Warranty


Leland powder coating, when applied over a substrate of JS1000 plating, exhibits test results meeting and/or exceeding performance data applicable to the PerspectraTM Series paint system*. Based upon the test data, Leland offers the following performance warranty:


  1. Leland warrants that its powder coating system, applied over basic JS1000 plating, will last throughout the warranty period, as established by the panel manufacturer and/or paint manufacturer.
  2. Powder coating applied over JS1000 will be compatible with PerspectraTM Series paint coatings. Chalk, fading and color change will not exceed the limits established for the painted panels, as provided by the panel manufacturer.
  3. Clear powder coating applied over JS1000 is compatible with Galvanized or Galvalume panels and will last throughout the warranty period as established by the panel manufacturer with respect to ASTM, B117SM.


  1. This warranty is not applicable for damage to powder coating caused directly or indirectly from abnormal atmospheric conditions including without limitation: direct exposure to salt, harmful or corrosive chemicals, (solid, liquid or gas), animal excrement or airborne contaminants.
  2. This warranty is not applicable for damage to the powder coating caused by acts of God, external forces, explosions, fire, riots, civil commotions, acts of war, excessive radiations, or other similar or dissimilar occurrences beyond Leland's control. This warranty is not applicable for powder coated fasteners modified or altered from the condition in which they were shipped.
  3. This warranty is not applicable for steel shavings or minute particles from sawing or grinding sparks coming into contact with the powder coating.
  4. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only, within Canada and the continental United States and is neither transferable nor assignable. Warranty applies solely to Leland powder coating over JS1000 plating and does not extend to Leland wet painted product.
  5. This warranty is not applicable to powder coated fasteners installed using electric or battery powered impact drivers.


  1. Leland's powder coating performance limited warranty is dependent on usage of Lobular Surface Drive Bits produced for painted fasteners and made to specific tolerances as set forth by the manufacturers of same.
  2. Any claim arising from defective powder coating, must be made in writing to Leland within 30 days of discovery of the defect.
  3. All claims must contain the following information:
    • Name, address and telephone number of the claimant.
    • Location and description of the structure in which the fasteners are installed (if applicable).
    • Samples of the powder coated product to illustrate the claim and production lot numbers as applied to Leland packaging or pails.
    • The date of installation of the powder coated product, a detailed description of the application of the fasteners and the name of the installer (company or individual).
      • Leland must be allowed a reasonable time to arrange inspection of the structure in which the powder coated fasteners are located and must also be allowed reasonable access, during business hours, to inspect the product on site.


If Leland powder coated products fail to perform as warranted, Leland will provide replacement for installation by the original purchaser. At its sole option, Leland may refund the buyer the price paid for the product.

Leland reserves the right to modify or terminate this warranty without notice. Except as provided herein, Leland shall not be liable for any losses, damage or expenses, direct, incidental, or as a consequence, caused by or resulting from the use of defective or non-conforming products.

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